Teaching material

We will upload teaching material to a cloud storage as we proceed. The teaching material will be updated continuously.

Main software packages

During the lab sessions we will use a number of software tools and programs available on the internet. Below you find a selection of useful links to either the tools directly or to their documentation.

The Heidelberg MCTDH Package

Home page:

MCTDH-X package

Home page:

Useful tools


An optimized and parallel BLAS/LAPACK library (open source)
Home page:

Intel OneMKL

A optimized numerical library including BLAS/LAPACK but also much more (closed source, community open source version exists)
Home page:

See also the Intel link-line advisor:

Apache Subversion

The Heidelberg MCTDH package, potential energy surfaces and tutorials are hosted on an SVN server. To have access to the repositories please install Apache Subversion: